Xiao Yao and Ling'er's Love - Not Skin Deep

Written by DFlinger

I just finished Chinese Paladin and I must say I only watched this show because of Ling'er and Xiao Yao. I am totally drawn to Ling'er's character, or maybe it is Liu Yi Fei. The last scene where Ling'er died was so depressing. Although almost everyone died in the show, I did not shed any tears for the death scene of other characters, but for Ling'er's death scene I just couldn't control myself. I have been surfing the forum while watching the show so I was already forewarned about the death of Ling'er, thus I expected myself to be "ready" and did not expect to cry. Never did I know I would be sniffing as I see poor Ling'er struggling and hanging on her last breath because of her promise to Xiao Yao Ge Ge.....it's so majorly depressing and I could still feel the heartache. It was such a heart wrenching and painful scene. From the scene I can totally understand why Ling'er pushed Xiao Yao away in the front and middle episodes. Her reason is so clear in this scene, she did not want Xiao Yao to suffer this pain of watching her die, which she had anticipated upon learning her status as a Nu Wa descendent. Yet I read so many accusation of Ling'er being "selfish"! Argh it just pissed me off. Ling'er is the most selfless character here, so much more than Yue Ru!

I wanted to write an article on Ling'er and Xiao Yao's relationship, especially why Ling'er is not selfish but rather selfless, but I guess I will start from the front bits.

Many people have been commenting that the so called love between Xiao Yao and Ling'er during the front of the episodes are just illusions and it is "impossible" to fall in love and get married in just a day or two. While I do agree that the progression of their relationship is a bit fast, I do not agree that it was just an illusion or a shallow attraction. Although it was a short encounter, but is love really measured by time? Or was it just a feeling that comes and uncontrollable? I definitely feel that they shared a close bond and an extra-ordinary love even as early as the 1st 2 episodes, for which I will attempt to explain here.

Part I: Ling'er and Xiao Yao - Falling in love

Not just skin deep - Li Xiaoyao

The first time Xiao Yao saw Ling'er was the scene at the river. Immediately, Xiao Yao was attracted by Ling'er's beauty and elegance. Quoting Xiao Yao "I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life". Indeed physical attraction is one of the factors Xiao Yao fell for Ling'er. This physical attraction was further supported by the wardrobe scene where Xiao Yao couldn't take his eyes off Ling'er who looks exceptionally beautiful and innocent from the green light emitted by the "pill".

Other than Ling'er's beauty, Xiao Yao is also attracted to Ling'er's innocence displayed during the wardrobe scene. Although frivolous in nature, Xiao Yao is not one who will easily take advantage of other girls. He is the kind that will only talk but not take action. However in this particular scene, he actually kissed Ling'er. He just couldn't resist.

But is their "love" only skin deep? Definitely not.

Although Xiao Yao is strongly attracted to Ling'er's physical appearance, that is not the reason why he agreed to marry her. The main reason why Xiao Yao fell for Ling'er is because of the unconditional trust Ling'er showed towards him. One need to understand Xiao Yao's background to know why such unconditional trust Ling'er showed to Xiao Yao was so important, so important that made him fell for her. Xiao Yao is an orphan who grew up with his aunt learning how to cheat and lie. He never had a good reputation and people often take his words with a pinch of salt. But from Ling'er, he felt each of his words carried so much weight. Even when obviously the so called "seed" she has is a stone, she still believes it would sprout, just because Xiao Yao said it would. Having someone who trust him so unconditionally like what Ling'er did had never occur to him, and that deeply touches his heart, leaving a special place for Ling'er in his heart.

From the moment Xiao Yao stopped the rituals, we can see that he had started to care for her. He could just easily go through the rites and get the pill, but he did not because he did not want to hurt Ling'er, someone he was starting to care for. In addition he felt he was not worthy of her. However when the "stone" finally sprouted, Ling'er's sincerity and unconditional trust finally touched Xiao Yao, who finally agreed to marry Ling'er.

After their first night, the relationship heightened. One must not deny that that is one very important thing that bond couples together. Xiao Yao promised Ling'er he will "mend" his ways and he will give her happiness. Xiao Yao is not someone who would want to settle down easily or gives out promises, as shown in the scenes where he flirts with the other two girls, but for Ling'er, he is willing to settle down, shoulder responsibilities and do his best to make Ling'er happy.

Not just than an idol - Zhao Ling'er

I do agree that Ling'er's love for Xiao Yao in the beginning is more of idolism, but that doesn't mean it cannot be transformed to true love. Xiao Yao is a heroic figure who saved her life and whom she has been looking forward to seeing again day after day. "True to his words", he did came back to "look" for her. Ling'er is delighted and all the more believe that Xiao Yao would never lie to her.

Being the pure and innocent girl who has not encounter many guys in her life, Ling'er is quite clueless about the relationship between man and woman. However Xiao Yao showed her what is love through physical bonding and also through his promises and actions. I believe after the marriage, what Ling'er has for Xiao Yao is not only unconditional trust, respect but also love.