Departure...Xiao Yao and Ling'er's tragic ending...

Floating above water, Ling'er is dressed in her blue outfit she once wore meeting Xiao Yao, which reflects her innocence and reminiscence of her first days with her beloved Xiao Yao ge ge, in Xian Ling Dao. Ling'er wants things to be like they use to be.

Once so pure, now splattered with blood, blood which flowed from her body with no control.

The dying Ling'er is using all her remaining energy to keep her promise she made to Xiao Yao, to live on.. she doesn't want to leave him alone in the world, she doesn't want him to suffer, she knows the one staying behind suffers the most pain of all.

Xiao Yao doesn't want her to endure such pain, he wants her to let go..

"I can do this!! Trust me!! I can do this...Just go.."

'No.. I don't want to leave Xiao Yao ge ge alone.."

Ling'er is persistent, she has a strong will to live on, she doesn't care how painful it is for her, she wants to live for him, she wants him to be happy..Here we have this painful moment for the two (and the audience).. both don't want the other to suffer..

Xiao Yao persistently tells Ling'er to let go, while she is holding on.. Xiao Yao, why did you give up on her? She was determined, why couldn't he give her the strength to overcome this final obstacle? Xiao Yao couldn't bare to see her suffer so much, he saw the pool of blood which flowed from her body, he knew she was pushing her limits.

"I want to go home..."

This was the most heart-breaking scene, where Xiao Yao is carrying Ling'er in his arms...

"You're tired, close your eyes.."

"No..I'm scared I can't wake up..."

"When we get there, Yi Ru and I will wake you up together..."

Ling'er being naive and innocent she is; trusted Xiao Yao, who she believe would never lie to her. She smiles for the last time before she closes her eyes, honestly thinking it would be true... Xiao Yao looses it. The moment Ling'er left, his soul seem to have followed her. He looses all his emotion, he can't even cry anymore..the pain he experienced was too overwhelming, but he walked on... the only one he has is Yi Ru. He looks into the sky to see red dandelions flying everywhere.

This is one of the most sad and tragic ending ever, the lines Ling'er and Xiao Yao exchanged in this last scene was just so touching...*tears*